REVISED December 1, 2014


"User" means any user (registered or unregistered) and/or any automated script, robot, search engine, and all other entities not associated with Tapeheads.net.
"You" means any person (or user as described above) that is reading this document.
"Tapeheads" means the owners and management of Tapeheads.net, the site and the entity itself.
"We," "us," and "our" are interchangeable with "Tapeheads.net" and "Tapeheads" as applicable.

PURPOSE:  Tapeheads.net is a website primarily focused on the discussion of the subjects of tape, tape recorders, audio equipment and music.

ACCESS: Tapeheads is a publicly accessible website that is made available via the World Wide Web to any user that wishes to access the site.  Users may be unregistered or registered.  Registered users receive greater access and more content than unregistered users.  Accessing the site constitutes binding agreement to all terms contained in this document.  If you do not agree to be bound by these terms, you may not access the site in any form.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY AND SUITABILITY:  Tapeheads is offered on an "as-is" basis.  No guarantees of safety, usability, availability or continuity are offered or implied.  No warranties of any kind are implied or offered.  You agree to indemnify and hold Tapeheads harmless for any and all consequences of accessing the site.  Tapeheads will not be held liable for your ability or inability to use or access the site, for consequential or inconsequential damages of any sort and is not responsible for damage to your computer, operating system, data or any other consequence of accessing the site.

USE OF THE SITE:  Unregistered users are free to navigate the site and view content that is made available to them.  Registered users may also post messages, photos and other content of their choosing, subject to both conditions set out in this document and also subject to the site rules (which are available to all users via the site itself and are not contained in this document).

OWNERSHIP OF POSTED CONTENT: You agree that by posting any content to Tapeheads.net that you grant us a non-revokable, non-exclusive license that grants us co-ownership of that content as if we created it ourselves.  This license allows us to do with said content as we see fit. All content, images and text may be used by us in any fashion, for any purpose, including promotional and commercial purposes. Further, you acknowledge that said content may become available to the public via the actions of search engines and other entities that may access the site. You may do anything you like with your content, and once you post it on Tapeheads, so can we.

SITE COPYRIGHT: All content of the site is copyrighted and owned by Tapeheads.  While content may be made publicly available via avenues other than the site (such as search engine crawling), it is owned by Tapeheads and may not be used for commercial or private purposes without our express written permission.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

RESPONSIBILTY FOR POSTED CONTENT: TAPEHEADS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTENT POSTED BY USERS.  Users agree that they are solely responsible for the content of their posts and any consequences arising from them. Users agree to not post illegal, inflammatory or injurious content.  Further, users agree that they will not post material owned and copyrighted by others without permission.  Users agree to indemnify and hold Tapeheads harmless for any consequence of posting
illegal, inflammatory, injurious, libelous or
copyrighted material on the site, including but not limited to, action taken against Tapeheads by copyright holders.

COPYRIGHT HOLDERS:  We take the copyrights of others seriously.  If you believe that material posted on Tapeheads is infringing upon your copyright, please contact us immediately via the contact methods available via the site for review and resolution of the issue.

This TOS document may be revised periodically with or without notice.  It is the responsibility of users to review it periodically and remain in compliance with its terms.