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Rules, Guidelines and Help This is where you'll find the rules and general guidelines for Tapeheads members. Tips and answers to common questions may also be found here.

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Tapeheads Rules and Guidelines

All persons are welcome to join the site and become an active member of our community forum. By accessing this site, you agree to all terms and conditions in the Terms Of Service document. As with most forums, there is also an established code of conduct and set of rules that must be followed. In order to be able to participate in the discussion forums, you also agree to abide by the rules and guidelines outlined here.


1. To become an active member of TapeHeads.Net, please register here. PLEASE NOTE: All user registrations are individually reviewed and moderated in an effort to keep spam and spammers out. Because of this, you can not immediately use the forums upon registration. Please allow up to 24 hours for your account to be activated, although in some cases your account may be activated within just a few minutes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding that this policy is in effect to provide a better forum experience for all users. Accounts that look suspicious may be placed on hold or in a quarantine. If 24 hours have gone by and you still cannot use the forums and wish to inquire about the status of your account, please contact us.

2. All users must provide a valid e-mail address before membership will be activated. You will be sent an e-mail containing a link that you must click on in order for you to confirm your account. Persons who provide unconfirmed or dummy e-mail accounts will not have their membership activated. Multiple usernames are not permitted. Persons found to have or are reasonably suspected of having multiple usernames are subject to having any or all accounts closed and deleted.

3. All active members must maintain an active e-mail address for purposes of sending important notices and/or to establish validity of membership. Tapeheads.Net reserves the right to ping and/or send random test e-mails to your provided address. If at any time, Tapeheads.Net cannot confirm a valid and current e-mail address, your account may be subject to suspension or termination without further notice or cause.

4. All new registered users to the site must choose a reasonably coherent and understandable username. Examples of coherent usernames are "ReelToReelGuy," "MX5050," (a well known component model number), and "JoeInGeorgia." New registrations with nonsense or spammer-like usernames will not be permitted to become active members of the forum. Examples of nonsense usernames would be "Byphjuz386," "HR487TXV," and "Mzupkispher878KR." Accounts with such usernames will automatically be deleted upon review and the account name may not be reused.

5. Tapeheads.Net is free for all people to use, as long as they abide by the site rules. There are no fees to join or use the site. The costs of operating and maintaining the site are shared through member donations. If you wish to donate to the site, please find and click the "Donate to Tapeheads" button, which you'll find on every page.


6. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provide at time of registration. You must click on the link contained in that message to activate your account. Users who do not complete this step will not be allowed to participate in the forums.

7. Once your membership has been approved, you may begin using the forums immediately. It's recommended that you create at least a few posts to introduce yourself and get to know the community. Accounts that remain dormant (i.e not logged in, no posts, etc) for more than 180 days may be subject to partial or total deactivation. Accounts that go dormant will lose some functionality; posts may not appear in real time, some forums may not be visible, and you will not be able to view attachments. If you believe your account has gone dormant and you wish to have it reinstated, please contact us and we will be happy to reactivate it for you.

8. Spam and spam type messages are not permitted under any circumstances, by any person, for any reason. Any member who posts a spam-like message will be likely be banned permanently from the site without notice, warning, or explanation. Persons who repeatedly attempt to circumvent these measures are subject to further action including, but not limited to, IP address blocking, e-mail domain blocking and being reported to appropriate Government agencies under various anti-spam statutes.


9. Signatures personalize you to other Tapehead members and can also make an important statement about you. At Tapeheads, we're quite signature-friendly and encourage you to have one. The board software has some specific limitations as to how large pictures can be and how much text a signature may contain, but within those limitations, you can say as much as you want.

However, there are a few rules to follow. In general, signatures must make efficient use of white space. There's perhaps nothing more irritating than viewing a one-line reply to a post followed by a signature that goes on for a bunch of lines downward, one item at a time. You don't need to list every single piece of equipment you own on its very own line. Your signature needs to be crafted so that it uses up as much horizontal space as practical before heading down to another line. Keep in mind that not everyone has the same screen size or view as you do.

Signatures are not allowed to contain material that is considered offensive or that denigrates or belittles another Tapeheads member. What's "offensive?" Well, while we may not always be able to define it, we know it when we see it. Use good judgement when composing your signature, both for content and appearance.

You may see instances where a member's signature appear to not follow these guidelines; there may be reasons for that which are not obvious. In all cases, Tapeheads staff determines whether or not a signature is allowed. If we spot an example of a signature that does not meet these guidelines, or if there are other reasons that your signature should be different, you will be asked to change it. If you do not, it may be changed for you.


10. Tapeheads.Net welcomes and encourages discussions about anything audio-related, from a wide variety of viewpoints. Please be sure to post your message in the correct category (e.g. Reel To Reel, Cassette, Vinyl, etc.).

11. Spirited debates and differences of opinion are inevitable and even encouraged. But please refrain from insulting, attacking, or belittling another person. If you have a different point of view, please back it up with facts and/or articulate commentary. Meaningless drivel, rants, and "potshots" will not be taken kindly to. Repeat offenders are subject to warning from the Tapeheads.net staff and the offending post(s) locked or deleted. Egregious offenders are subject to temporary or permanent suspension and/or discharge from the site at the sole discretion of the Tapeheads.net staff. Remember, tolerance is a two-way street!

12. Although use of profanity is generally frowned on, limited use of it may be allowed to emphasize a point. Excessively graphic or profane messages are subject to deletion.

13. Profane (such as pornographic or otherwise "R" rated) graphic images may not be posted in the forums by any person for any reason. Offending postings will be immediately removed and the offending poster will be suspended from the site.

14. Subjects not related to the mission of the site and general "off topic" discussions are permitted in certain designated forums. That's where subjects such as cars, airplanes and other non-audio related topics go. However, threads must must remain courteous and respectful. Name calling, cheap shots and insults will not be permitted. Many people are deeply passionate about certain topics. Some "heated discussion" will be allowed. If you cannot handle lively debate from a possibly opposing viewpoint, then it is recommended that you do not participate in those discussions. Any discussion that erupts into a full blown "flame war" is subject to closure at any time. Many sites have a blanket moratorium in place prohibiting these types of discussions from taking place at all. We do not. If you are easily offended, you are advised to not enter those sections. Tapeheads allows spirited discussions as long as all involved remain civil and act like adults.

15. Tapeheads.net prides itself on its laid back, casual, and open atmosphere. We treat you like the mature grown-up that you are, and we expect the same in return from you. Posting so-called "trolling," "flamebait," or any other inflammatory or immature type of message may result in the offending poster being suspended or banned from the site. This may be done at the sole discretion of the Tapeheads.net staff.

16. Please stay on topic. Thread-crapping, off topic remarks, and other unrelated content posted within a particular discussion is frustrating for other people to read and diverts attention from the subject matter. If seeing one topic gives you an idea for another, please start a new topic. Members who excessively violate this policy are subject to having their posts moderated prior to appearing. Repeat violators are subject to account suspension or closure.

17. Bannings and suspensions of individual user accounts are not taken lightly at Tapeheads.net. Fortunately, both are a relatively infrequent occurrence because of our laid-back and casual rules, culture, and atmosphere. So in the event you get yourself banned or suspended from the site, you very probably deserved it. If you received a banning or suspension and you feel it was not justified, you may message a moderator, who will then review your case and give you a final decision. Note that Tapeheads.net reserves the right to suspend, revoke, or terminate any user account for any reason at any time, with or without notice.

18. Quotation of messages is strongly discouraged. In almost all cases, there is no good reason to quote the original text in your reply in any given thread. We've already seen it, and everyone knows that you are replying to it. Who else would you be talking to? Unless you have a specific point to address that would otherwise not be clear, please refrain from quoting. Most egregious is a quote of multiple paragraphs of text, followed by a one-line reply. NO!

19. Quotation of photos is discouraged in the strongest possible terms. We already saw it, we do NOT need to see it again just because you want to say something about it. Please don't do this unless it is absolutely necessary for clarity.

20. Arguing with or challenging Tapeheads management in public is not allowed. We understand that the reason for our actions may not be evident, or that someone may not agree with them. We're happy to discuss anything and any concern that members may have when it comes to things we do when we manage the site. Send any moderator a private message and ask away. While we may not reveal every detail, we almost always will be happy to explain. However, challenging our actions in public is the fastest way to the buh-bye door that we can think of. For example, if we close a thread, for goodness sake, don't open another one in challenge. That never turns out well.

21. NO FUNDRAISING. While we understand that people can find themselves in need and we sympathize, were sorry, but we don't allow folks to beg for money on the site. In a very rare circumstance, Tapeheads management may allow an exception to this rule at its sole discretion.


22. Photos are allowed and encouraged as part of threads at Tapeheads. However, it's important to remember that photos can be large, can take a lot of time to load and can turn an otherwise pleasant experience into an annoyance. So please have consideration for others when you post photos. Not everyone on the planet has a T1 pulled to their home. In fact, some of our uses still get here via dial-up! And not everyone is running at the same screen resolution or aspect ratio as you are. Use your head when posting photos. For ordinary threads, a good guideline is 1024 or fewer pixels across (or about 13.5 inches at 75dpi) for an image. For "picture" threads and forums, images may be larger.

Please refrain from posting excessive, redundant, and irrelevant images when starting or responding to a discussion. If you want to post a picture of an item, one or two clear, focused, well-lit pictures and a closeup of any interesting features will do. We do not need to see it from six different angles. Use some discretion, moderation, and common sense. Repeat violators are subject to warning and eventual suspension and dismissal from the site.


23. Buying, selling, and trading of audio related merchandise is permitted on Tapeheads.net as long as they are posted in the appropriate sections AND the user meets the specific guidelines and requirements for posting in those sections. Generally, that means 90 days of membership and a post count of greater than 30. Wanted-To-Buy postings are also allowed, and there are no minimums or restrictions on members who wish to post that type of ad. Classified ads may be posted at no charge. Tapeheads.net also does not charge final value or other fees or commissions. However, all transactions are done solely at the participant's own and sole risk. This service is provided as-is, for your convenience. Tapeheads.net can't vouch for the integrity or authenticity of any item, seller or buyer. All items listed must be audio-related. Non audio-related wares (including, but not limited to: toys, vehicles, airline tickets, etc.) are not allowed. Age-restricted and/or other illegal items including but not limited to, bootleg recordings, counterfeit items, pornographic material, drug or alcohol paraphernalia, weapons, or requests to buy or trade such items are strictly prohibited. Any offending postings will be immediately removed and the violator will be permanently banned from the site without possibility of reinstatement.

24. If you are interested in advertising or partnering with Tapeheads.net, please contact us. All requests for affiliation along with terms and conditions are evaluated and decided on a case-by-case basis. All advertisers on Tapeheads.net must be of a related nature relevant to the content of the site.

25. Tapeheads.net is privately owned, operated and funded and is an informational and communal audio enthusiast's website. Information gathered from members is used solely for the purpose of establishing forum usage eligibility and administrative purposes. You may view the entire privacy policy HERE.

26. Tapeheads.net's rules, guidelines and policies do not create a duty or contractual obligation for us to act in any particular manner.

27. Rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time.

For further information or if you have questions, please contact us.

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