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Old 01-04-2018, 09:58 PM
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adapting 2 ch audio to the new AVR's.

So now the big question I'm trying to answer is, how does everyone connect their 2ch stereo equipment to a current AVR that's primarily HDMI, Toslink, and just a few pairs of RCA connections, but NO tape loop or record/play provisions?
I've looked around online and seen a few options, but the specific model I think would work for me is a Sony SB-500 tapecorder selector. It has the look and size that would fit my system. A full size piece of equipment is just too big and I've no room left.
I've seen discussions on other forums that use the zone 2, 3 connections?, but I'm not certain how that works. I'm going to defer to the audio guru's on TH for their expert opinions and learn something, I may be older but I certainly don't know all that there's to know with audio and welcome your help. I've been able to listen to my tape deck that I acquired from macman007 using my headphones and it sounds amazing, but it would be even nicer if I could hear it thru my main speakers. Many thanks in advance!
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Old 01-13-2018, 07:48 PM
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Most new AVRs include a provision for a CDR with both in an outs. A few still offer a vcr connection with ins an outs. Borh of those can be used for tape connections.
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Old 01-14-2018, 02:01 AM
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I've found an elegant solution to my lack of analog inputs on my current 2016 AVR, it's a vintage DBX DAV-600G A/V program route selector that can accommodate 3 VCR's, VDP, several decks and offers more so that I can complete my analog integration. The prices are running from mild to wild on the ePay but the key is to be patient and the right one will present itself. The form factor is also a big plus but the addition of the needed interconnects, oye- each VCR=5 wires, x2 units to be added in, I'm going to seriously have to spend hours doing wire management to keep it under control, as of now I have 14 devices in place and it's a rats nest!
Analog devices: tape deck, TT, VDP, VCR1,2,(3)Third is optional if there's room.
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