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Cassette All discussions pertaining to cassette decks. These include general usage, recording, playback and service questions. For subjects related to tape itself, see the Cassette Tape subforum under this one. Obscure service subjects that don't quite fit go in the Help and Do It Yourself subforum.

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Old 10-12-2009, 09:32 PM
valman13440 valman13440 is offline
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Talking Tapes for Sony TC-K677ES?

I am awaiting the arrival of a Sony TC-K677ES,and other than Sony cassette's do Sony decks perform better with Maxell or TDK tapes?Thanks for any advice..
Old 10-12-2009, 09:52 PM
Des-Lab Des-Lab is offline
5/12/2008 - 12/27/2014
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The only experience I've had with Sony decks was a little TC-V30 back in the mid 80's and is a deck I have not had for nearly 20 years. To be honest, I recall little of how it sounds. The tapes I still have that were made on it do sound iffy today and consequently are seldom played. But I don't know if that can be traced back to the deck or poor recording techniques, which at the time I was still learning.

Anyway, to throw in my two cents of conjecture (predicated on the hopes that someone with more in depth and extensive hands on experience chimes in), I'd have to say: try a couple of each. And see how they sound. It's rare to say with authoritarian certainty that one tape IS better with one deck, and that's that. There are just too many variables involved.

If you can get your hands on (for example) a 1988 Maxell XLII and TDK SA, run them through a battery of identical tests using whatever parameters are at your disposal. Decide what YOU think sounds best, and stick with that.
Old 10-12-2009, 10:16 PM
braxus's Avatar
braxus braxus is offline
FeCr Type III
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Location: Fraser Valley BC Canada
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There wasn't many tapes my Sony deck didn't like, so take your pick.
Old 10-12-2009, 10:29 PM
Scorpion8's Avatar
Scorpion8 Scorpion8 is offline
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Originally Posted by braxus View Post
There wasn't many tapes my Sony deck didn't like, so take your pick.
Ditto, and I've been thru a LOT of Sony decks. They love their own, but play well with others too. Find the vintage Maxells, TDKs and Sonys from the year-era of the deck and have some fun tests.
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Old 10-12-2009, 10:39 PM
DolbySProject DolbySProject is offline
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I third Brax and Des (and now Scorp)...

My recommendation is to get to know the Bias Fine Tune feature of your deck. Dialing that in before making a recording, will allow you to successfully make great recordings from more blanks than you may realize.
Old 10-13-2009, 08:02 AM
Nakdoc's Avatar
Nakdoc Nakdoc is offline
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In my experience Sonys were set up for Sony tape, which has a different bias point for type 2 tape. The TDK/Maxell "standard" will work but won't give top performance. Type 1 and metal will be fine.
Old 12-02-2009, 04:50 AM
mrfoxboy's Avatar
mrfoxboy mrfoxboy is offline
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hmm. I've got a few Sony decks, and I'll have to say that they play great with any tapes. Not like my old (broken) walkman *coughs loudly*

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