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Old 07-20-2014, 08:29 PM
vinylvirgin vinylvirgin is offline
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Fixing a Nakamichi CR1-A Function-Motor Issue

My Nak dates from '89. It's had light-to-moderate use, was cleaned and demagged regularly and performed without a hitch until very recently.

Some of you know what I'm referring to. When a function button is pressed, say "play" or "rewind", instead of kicking into gear, the machine just goes "DUH". Lights flash, no action occurs.

I had a repair shop minister to my ailing Nak. It worked normally for a while but now the old problem is back. I'm told this is due to a design flaw in the little motor, which turns a worm gear that actuates a set of cams that operate the transport (I believe this is called a Sankyo transport).

I've heard of the temporary remedy of shooting something like De-Ox-It into the motor, but I'm wary of glopping up the works.

I've also heard of people using loading motors from old VCRs to replace the defective function motor, but cannot find any technical particulars.

Now, there's this company claiming to be the heir apparent to the now-defunct Nakamichi company, Electronic Service Labs (http://www.nakamichi.us/). They claim to sell a replacement motor, for about sixty bucks US with shipping, without the plastic worm gear attached but which they say (if memory serves) will remedy not only the malfunction but the design flaw. Has anyone here dealt with these people? How reputable are they?

Finally, am I better off just throwing in the towel and hunting down a different brand of deck? Which brands even come close to the sonic performance level of the Nak?
Old 07-20-2014, 08:57 PM
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HeadGap HeadGap is offline
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Here is what I did. Hope this helps.


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Looks like some sort of secreted resin. Yeah, but secreted from *what*?
Old 07-21-2014, 05:24 PM
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The ESL motor will be fine. They have the highest reputation for Nakamichi parts. All the substitute motors I use require a bit of filing to widen the mounting holes by 1 mm each.
DeOxit will not goop up the mechanism, but it is also considered a temporary diagnostic "fix", not a true repair.
Old 07-21-2014, 07:30 PM
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Skywavebe Skywavebe is online now
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There are motors available that can replace the worm drive motor but they are not CD spindle motors. The one I have and have been mounting in a like transport are those that can be obtained and have the right shaft diameter and voltage but like Nakdoc says the mounting holes are a little wider AND you can not use just any old screw as the cam I found is very close to the mount plate and so the larger sized 3 mm screws will stop it from turning. BUT I have secured some counter sunk 3mm screws that should take care of that problem. With all the service work I have here and a few complications thrown in I have little time to experiment further but one day I will complete the NAD 6300 motor replacement and release a mod and part list. I think ESL is padding the bill a lot for a 2 or 3 dollar motor. your problem sound more like contact problems than the motor.
Best regards,

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