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Old 12-17-2016, 12:51 PM
john from seattle john from seattle is online now
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Speaking of cold weather...

As of this time, 11:39AM, it's "merely" 28F outside and went out to bring in 3 belt driven electronics, 2 of which are older VHS VCR's, one may have had some issues with the eject, the other is unknown as it was my late mother's Sharp unit from the 1990's. It was plugged in and when the cable guy went to connect up, it made some noises and thought it might've died so I need to check that out, but has been sitting on a shelf since I got it several years ago.

These were placed in my shed last summer just days before the move as a way to bring them safely down in the car and stored out of sight and in a locked shed until I can bring them inside, well they still sat there until now. :-)

I also brought in my first DVD player, a Toshiba unit that still works the last I used it sometime last spring inside as well that I bought new in 2003.

They are currently sitting on the kitchen table acclimating to the warmer air inside the house.

But while out there I also checked my one and only hose bib to ensure it's not completely frozen (it was not, thankfully). I had disconnected the hoses back in the fall once the watering season ended and had also taken off the mechanical timer too so turned the spigot on and within a few seconds, drips, tiny ones began to appear and within 30 seconds, had a full run coming out so that's good. Got the insulator cup and rags from the shed that remained with the house (originally stored on some crude shelves in my laundry room, the back porch come laundry after it was enclosed) and covered it up. I think there is at least some insulation under the bathroom floor and the pipes there in the crawl space are mostly all insulated so that helps, but there is a section that sticks out into the cold air from the side of the house and that was what I was mostly worried about.

I'll take a few minutes later today to check these electronics out to see if they work or not, though I suspect the DVD player to be fine, the VCR's, not so sure and the camcorder may also work fine as it did work fine the last time I used it, which was a good couple of years if not more.

Still in the shed are 2 dead electronics, my old Sansui A707 integrated and my old Panasonic DVD recorder. Not sure what is the root cause of the DVD recorder to not power up, but will have to check that out, though I don't recall seeing anything obvious when I did check it out, once it stopped powering up a couple of years or so ago, worked fine up until then though. The integrated died in early 2014 when it made a rushing sound and then went silent one morning while I was listening to something on the computer and all I get now is a loud CLICK with the speaker selector switch, even with the volume control totally down but silence otherwise. This is the second time that thing crapped out on me. It's the last piece of an old rack setup I bought new in 1985 and was the best thing of the whole thing and even then, it was nothing special. I plan on checking that thing out and see if I can resurrect it and use it to power some outdoor speakers for the back deck during nice weather by using either BT or WiFi to stream to it from the stereo in the living room. If I can't get it resurrected, I'll pick up a Lepai amp from Parts Express and use that instead. It does not have to be of stellar sound quality, but better than most BT speakers nonetheless.

my system Kenwood KD12-RB turntable, SHURE M97xE cart, Muffsy PP3 phono pre, Receiver: Sherwood RX4030R, TEAC A4300SX R2R, Denon DCM-370 CD changer, Speakers: sansui SP1700 and in testing/restoration phase, Sansui SP-3000, eMachines PC for multimedia use and recently got a Nakamichi BX100 cassette deck

Last edited by john from seattle; 12-17-2016 at 01:00 PM.

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