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Old 11-10-2009, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by faustus View Post
Hey Nando,

After reading the descriptions of the new box sets, I'm sure either set would be cool because it gives us more of the Stones show plus the Ike/Tina and BB opening acts. Hopefully, it was all recorded with the same equipment used to record the Stones. I'm not too excited about the book, poster, or DVD.

Choosing between the two box sets, I'd probably opt for the Super Deluxe version; the addition of the vinyl seems well worth it to me. Will I buy it? Not at this time; my cash is way too tight right now. If I wasn't flat broke, then I'd probably pull the trigger.

If you do get one of the new box sets, please be sure to let us know what you think.
Hi faustus,

You're right, the Super Deluxe box set would be the one to get. Unfortunately, some of the preliminary reviews from buyers on Amazon.com panned the deluxe version. Of course, none of the respondents mentioned the sound quality, only the fact 18 minutes of extra tracks could have been squeezed onto one CD, and the DVD wasn't great. Not cost-effective, and a bit of a gouge! Oh, well.

Old 11-10-2009, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by clhboa View Post
After seeing the price on Amazon I'll probably have to pass at this time too. Unless I see a good sale somewhere.
Hi clhboa,

Prices vary from about $79-$120 for the Super Deluxe box set. I'll see what they're charging here, before ordering through Amazon.com.

Old 12-31-2011, 12:09 AM
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I am posting this under the Ya-Ya's listing so that it might gather more attention than otherwise.....

..............The Rolling Stones have officially released the Oct 17, 1973 Forest National, Brussels Belgium recordings
(RELEASED IN NOV 2011 at a very special low price cost)

Those of you Stones fans old enough (around 50 or older) that remember the 1974 King Biscuit broadcasts in Sept & Nov of '74 of the 10-17-73 1st show recordings with Happy, Street Fighting Man, Gimme Shelter & Happy from Sept 9, 1973 at Empire pool, wembley LONDON and everything else from 10/17/73 1st show of Brussels, Belgium.

You recall the tremendous versions of You Can't Always Get What You Want and Midnight Rambler where Keith is charging like a runaway locamotive.
........Well after being probably the most listened to tape on Wolfgangs since that site has been up.....
The Stones decided to issue Brussels Affair .
Other Brussels tracks that weren't bcast in '74 were mixed and bcast on KBFH in 1987/1988 on a Stones retrospective.
It once required that you get several boot issues to get all the Brussels tracks in the best avail quality of then avail., but now you get it from a close to the source as possible and in what one presumes is the highest quality and legitimately too!

Now if The Glimmer Twins will dust off the multitrack tapes of July 20, 1972 and July 21, 1972 1st & 2nd at SPECTRUM in Philly which were being planned for a double live LP in '72 when Allen K & ABKCO claimed that they owned much of the songs until '76.
The tapes of Spectrum shows are smokin' and are unbelieveably far better than the two June 24th Ft Worth shows or June 25th Houston which make up Ladies & Gentlemen.
Philly shows were as great. The quality is superb if tape source isn't multi-generational. There are others that perhaps were recorded that may yield decent '72 recordings such as Pittsburgh & MSG NY but those appear to be basic tape decks just patched into the soundboard. Europe '70 and UK 3/71 have broadcast recordings too. Nearly all of Feb '73 Australia shows were captured crudely with tapedecks into probably the stage/monitor mixes of board. The Philly '72 sound quality should be amazing in legitimate form. LOVE IN VAIN & GIMME SHELTER are FANTASTIC! They are as good as Charlotte 7-6-72 which was just a fan with a cassette recorder capturing a magic night, though the fan misses the 1st two songs in charlotte.

This Stones fan thinks that the Glimmer Twins should also issue the entire Clemson 11-26-89 Death Valley Stadium Concert which appears on Flashpoint with Gator Bowl 11-25//Tokyo 2/90 & London '90.
If they were to issue the entire 11/26/89 show in decent audio, it would be amazing! At the very least, they should re-issue a re-done FLASHPOINT with better audio as the original '91 issued CD has no bass and is thin sounding, but otherwise superb performances. Clemson's satisfaction is great. It is just that the sound of that album was poorly done from an eq/mastering, as many CD's of that time.

See http://www.rollingstones.com/


Old 12-31-2011, 09:17 AM
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Nick: thanks for the update and links. With the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary coming next year, what are the chances they would consider touring? I did buy the Exile On Main Street (Super Deluxe Limited Version - 2 CD/2LP/DVD) [Limited Edition] last year.

Old 12-31-2011, 09:30 AM
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I have some mp3 bootlegs of the brussels affair, as well as some other stones boots from past to present. If anyone is interested in these send me a pm i would be glad to share. I know they are in mp3 format and that might discourage some but brussels affair is of good qualityl. Voodoo at halloween and Babylon rehearsals are some others i have to name a couple.
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Old 01-01-2012, 07:12 PM
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I went to the Stones' site as suggested in the OP's link.

Info on GYYYO?

Nada Ya-Ya's.

Maybe it's UMG's fault.
Old 04-09-2012, 07:44 PM
Nick Sunn Nick Sunn is offline
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The Rolling Stones have officially released the 3rd release in their "bootleg series". It is the LA Forum concert from Sunday July 13th 1975.
The 1st release (nov 2011) was Brussels Belguim Oct 17, 1973

The 2nd release was Hampton Virginia Dec 18, 1981

The 3rd release: LA Forum, July 13, 1975

They are only available officially as Digital Downloads.

The LA Forum bootleg was a superb stereo audience recording made with a portable cassette deck by that guy that taped so many shows in the LA area in the seventies. I'm guessing that perhaps the source material for this is hopefully an official recording and not the audience tape source that has Jagger asking "Who Went To Church Today"... "none of you went to church today" "Billy...you went.....(One of the guys near the taperecorder's mic's is clearly heard saying I'm In Church Now !) If I recall, that is before Tumbling Dice.
I haven't yet heard the official release of 7-13-75 that is now available as a download on the Stones' site.



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