REVISED May 3, 2015

Tapeheads.net is a semi-private website accessible to both registered and non-registered users.  As part of the ordinary operation of the site and in order to distinguish registered from non-registered users, certain types of information are collected and used.  This information may include, but is not limited to, first and last names of users, their email addresses, their IP address and other identifiable information.  As part of its operation, the tapeheads.net website sets and uses cookies.

No identifiable information is knowingly disclosed by tapeheads.net to third parities, nor is it used by tapeheads.net for any purpose other than operating the site, providing users with their expected site environment and experience, and for ordinary and customary administrative purposes.  Private user information will not be sold to third parties.  Under no circumstances will tapeheads.net provide this information to third parties who request it, with a single exeception; tapeheads.net will comply with the demands of a lawfully executed court order or search warrant.

While tapeheads.net takes user privacy very seriously, under no circumstances will it be responsible for the release of this information, either willfully or inadvertantly.  Users are advised that they may have a reasonable expectation of privacy, but not an absolute one and access the site at their sole risk.

This privacy document may be revised periodically with or without notice.  It is the responsibility of users to review it periodically and be aware of it.