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09-18-2009, 04:47 AM
I have been trying to figure a way to hook up both of my power amps and still protect them,with their power consumption they are to much for the standard power sequncer/conditioners, what I found is a Power Distribution Sequencer made by Furman, it is a bit of overkill but what I have been able to find.

My plan now is to pull a 30 amp circuit to my stereo (10 ga wire), run the circuit into the distribution sequencer, it divides the power and will power up the stereo in the proper sequence thus protectiong my speakers and amps.

Here are the features from the site:
120 amp total load
Six 20 amp, 120 volt circuits, each with a status indicator
Oversized buss bars
Four buss design accommodates 120V or 240V single phase, or 208V three phase power
Six widely spaced duplex outlets on rear panel
Outlets can be powered up and down in sequence
Three position switch allows each circuit to be part of the power sequencing, or to be switched on/off independently
Sequence timing can be initiated from unit or remotely, using low voltage control wires
Sequence control signals are available on rear panel to drive additional ASD-120's or other devices and circuits
Front panel key switch for security
Compact two rack space package
Most economical product of its type



Should work. Any thoughts?